Q: How do I know if Iíve found the right therapist?

A: If therapy is a new experience for you, knowing if youíve found the right therapist might take some time.  People tend to have a good experience in therapy when they find a therapist who offers that special blend of listening to you and helping you challenge some of your thoughts and beliefs.  Examining past and current relationships can remind you of painful emotions, but re-experiencing anger, sadness or disappointment can be a part of your healing process.  You can expect to leave your very first session with some idea of your goals for therapy and a moderately strong experience of feeling listened to and safe.


Q:  How do I know if a therapist is licensed?

A:  At the very least, a therapist should be licensed in the state that they are offering therapeutic services.  In California, if a therapist is licensed, there will be a record with the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners for Marriage & Family Therapists and Clinical Social Workers or the Board of Psychology for Psychologists.


Q: Locations?

A: I have one location:

Orange County: On the border of Tustin and Santa Ana, CA: 
1633 East 4th Street suite #184 Santa Ana, CA. 92701
Phone: (714) 309-9035.

 Q: Hours?

A: By Appointment: Thrusday (afternoons and evenings)


Q:  Accepting new patients?

A: Yes, new patients are welcome.


Q: Education / License?

A:  Masters in Social Work and Gerontology (MSW/MSG.) in 1992.

Bachelors  Degree in Psychology in 1985.

 License: LCSW; Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCS  #17920.

Q: Fee?

A: $120.00 per hour.

Q: Insurance reimbursement?

A: In many cases preferred provider (PPO) plans reimburse patients who submit a "Super Bill".  One of these statements will be provided at the end of each session.  Please note that Kaiser Permanente members need to see a provider through their insurance.

Mrs. Kishimoto is a contracted provider for Windstone Behavioral Health  and Magelan Behaviorial Health.

In process with Cal Optima. 

Mrs. Kishimoto Also accepts payment from Victims Assistance Program.

Q: What about confidentiality?

A: Therapy usually involves discussing some very private and sensitive matters.  My ability to be helpful to you will depend on how open and honest you can be about yourself and your life - including your ideas, feelings, and experiences.  In order for you to feel secure about talking openly, and so your right to privacy is protected, both California law and the ethical standards of psychotherapy mandate that I guard your privacy.  This means that, with certain exceptions, I cannot reveal what you talk about in therapy, or provide any information about you, including your records, to anyone else without your permission.  Even the fact that you are coming to counseling is a private matter.  Every possible step is being taken to make each session helpful, meaningful, and safe.  

Background Information on Margarita Calzadilla-Kishimoto LCSW
LICENSE: Licensed Clinical Social Worker LCS# 17920

University Of Southern California            

1992 Masters in Social Work and Gerontology (MSW/MSG)
1985 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology  (B.A.)


Kaiser Permanente, Department of Psychiatry

Individual, Couples, Child and Adolescent and Adult Individual and Group Psychotherapy.


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1633 East 4th Street
Suite #184
Santa Ana, California 92701
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