Individual Therapy helps adults increase their self-awareness, clarify their priorities and values, discover their passions and what gives them purpose, resolve internal conflicts, release emotional blocks from the past, make important life decisions, and become more powerful and fulfilled in life.  We all find ourselves at personal crossroads at times, faced with the option of living the same (and getting the same result) or choosing something better.  We only work with adults who choose the “better” road – who want to grow, make responsible life decisions, resolve psychological symptoms, transform internal blocks, and powerfully create a life they love.  We provide an integrated approach that draws from cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, humanistic, systemic, solution-oriented, brief, narrative, and experiential therapy forms.  Therapy allows you to have a distinctive relationship in your life with someone who will give you skillful perceptions, therapeutic tools, strategic action plans, validation and support, a safe place to truly be yourself, and a person committed to your becoming who you want to be.


Therapy helps adolescents develop and strengthen their identity, clarify personal goals, resolve internal conflicts, develop prosocial skills to succeed in the real world, and learn to love and care about themselves, relationships, and how they want to live their lives.  Therapy with adolescents generally involves a combination of Individual and Family sessions.  Individual sessions allow adolescents to talk freely about personal concerns with an unbiased adult who knows how to listen and allow teens to explore important issues and arrive at their own responsible choices.  Family sessions promote acknowledgment and respect, increase cooperation and accountability, teach ways to communicate effectively and solve problems, and strengthen or restore closeness in the family.

CO-PARENTING (for Divorced Parents)

For divorced parents with children, Co-Parenting sessions are available in a brief-therapy model to rapidly develop workable strategies to minimize parental conflicts and help you and your children adjust to living in two homes.  This can be provided before or after physical separation, as well as when new issues come up in the future.  The number one factor in how well children adjust after their parents’ divorce is the level of parental conflict, hostility, and tension…whether it’s spoken or not.  Not surprisingly, two of the most common frustrations we hear children of divorce voice is that they feel “caught in the middle” and wish their parents would get along better.  An investment in a limited number of focused co-parenting sessions helps everyone in the family.  If you are a divorced parent, let us help.


Family Therapy helps families develop greater respect, togetherness, cooperation, and harmony.  We help families identify their communication styles, discover what’s at the source of reoccurring conflicts, explore ways to really acknowledge and understand one another, and develop effective systems for solving problems.  Lastly, because we believe family relationships are just about the most important thing in life, we challenge families to develop “Family Lifestyles” that strengthen relational bonds, create personalized rituals that will be remembered for a lifetime, and make “Family” a source of love, comfort, support, and pride.  

Fee Structure  (Effective 01/01/2018)

Type of Service Length of Service Fee Due at Time of Service Effective Through
First Time Appointment 50-Minutes $140.00 * 12/31/2018
Return Appointment 50-Minutes $120.00 * 12/31/2018
No Show, Less Than 24-hour Cancellation 50-Minutes $70.00 * 12/31/2018

 * These are the stated fees unless other arrangements have been made prior to appointment or fees have been determined prior with specific organizations and/or agencies.

1.   Billing health insurance. If you have health insurance, you may submit the Super Bill provided to you at the end of each session to your insurance company for reimbursement of the fees paid. There are so many insurance plans with various rules about if or when a patient can be reimbursed for professional services.

2.   Magellan Health Care and Windstone Behavioral Health. Mrs. Kishimoto is contracted only with these two health groups.

3.   Kaiser Permanente members: Mrs. Kishimoto is unable to provide services to individuals who are currently enrolled in Kaiser Permanente health plans. Your signature on this document warrants your acknowledgment of this fact. If at sometime during the course of psychotherapy you become a Kaiser Permanente member, it is your responsibility to inform Mrs. Kishimoto in writing so that a referral to your health plan can be made.



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