Chances are that you or someone in your family is in pain, or something is bothering them.  You’re confused and looking for the right person to help you.  I have a passion for helping people work through the things that cause pain, conflict and confusion in their lives.  I have 25 years of experience helping people find their way. I spend my energy and time listening and working with you.

When we truly decide to change our lives and relationships, something amazing happens.  We begin to be more open to self-examination, more focused on our values and priorities, more responsible for our attitudes, behaviors, and happiness, and more interested in Personal Transformation.  When we come to understand how happiness starts from within, we begin to see ourselves, relationships, and life itself with an entirely new perspective.  Life becomes a process of learning to be Authentically Aware and Powerful in our lives and relationships. 

Psychotherapy is the process of Transforming ourselves, our lives, and our relationships…starting from within.  In recent decades, we’ve discovered so much about the mindsets, values, skills, tools, and interactional patterns that make life immensely satisfying and relationships truly extraordinary.  We are committed to helping our clients and workshop participants access this transformation in their lives and relationships.

My Professional Services include: Individual Therapy with adults, adolescents, Relational Therapy for couples, families, and divorced parents ("co-parents"). I have worked with adults, older adults and the chronically mentally ill. I have worked a great deal with life transitions, divorce, depression and anxiety, grief and loss. I have specialized training in play therapy and art therapy. I have worked with trauma victims, victims of Domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual abuse.

My fees and what insurance will be accepted can be found on the FAQ page.



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